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We are an employment law firm that specialises in helping employees with settlement agreements.

Why choose us?

Whatever the reason is that you have been given a settlement agreement, be it redundancy, facing termination due to stress, poor health or performance issues, or if your employer is completing a general restructuring, we can help you with your settlement agreement.

As specialist employment solicitors, we offer a Nationwide service by phone and video consultation. So no matter where you are based, we can provide you with expert legal advice on the contents of your settlement agreement and explain the legal consequences of you signing it. If you are not being offered a fair payout, we can negotiate with your employer on your behalf to get you the best deal possible.

We are very experienced at taking on settlement agreements and act for employees at all levels. We pride ourselves in explaining any technicalities in plain English and can advise you of the various options available to you. Please check out our reviews.

We offer a same day consultation service and can typically complete the entire process within 24-48 hours. If amendments are required, we can usually complete the entire process within two to three working days.

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Fast & Simple Process

We will ask you to send us a copy of your settlement agreement, your employment contract, and any other relevant documents.

Step 2 Settlement Agreement Consultation

We will book you in for same day settlement agreement consultation with one of our specialist employment solicitors. This call will typically take between forty-five minutes and an hour, depending on the complexity of your settlement agreement.

During the call, your solicitor will review the terms of your settlement agreement with you and provide you with specialist legal advice on its terms and effects. If your solicitor finds any terms that are unfair or unreasonable, we will ask your employer to amend them.

Step 3 Signing & Billing

Once the final version of your settlement agreement has been received, we will proceed to signature. The signed settlement agreement will then be sent to your employer for counter-signature, along with an invoice to cover your legal fees. We will charge your employer. Meaning that this service is FREE for you.

Once counter-signed by your employer, your settlement agreement will be fully executed and legally binding.

What happens during the consultation?


Your employer will provide a contribution towards your legal fees which is contained within the settlement agreement. We guarantee to cap our fees at whatever your employer’s contribution is. This means that we will never charge you any more than your employer is willing to contribute, even if it ends up taking us many more hours than we expect it to. For the avoidance of doubt, although they may be paying our invoice, the employer is not connected with us, and we are acting solely in your best interests.

We understand that your settlement agreement is important to you and will aim to take as much of the stress away as possible by negotiating with your employer on your behalf where necessary.  Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome.

Frequently Asked Question

A settlement agreement, also known as a compromise agreement, is a legally binding document that outlines the terms of a mutually agreed resolution to an employment dispute or the termination of an employment relationship. It’s essential in protecting both parties’ interests and providing a structured exit strategy.

Settlement agreements are commonly employed in various scenarios, including redundancies, dismissals, discrimination claims, and disputes over contractual terms. They offer a way to avoid lengthy legal proceedings and maintain confidentiality.

No, employees cannot be compelled to accept a settlement agreement. It must be a voluntary decision. Employees have the right to seek legal advice before making a decision, and an employment solicitor plays a key role in providing this advice.

An employment solicitor provides expert legal advice and guidance throughout the process. They explain the terms, ensure their client’s rights are protected, negotiate better terms when possible, and help determine whether the agreement is fair and reasonable.

A settlement agreement may include clauses related to compensation, notice periods, references, confidentiality, non-disclosure, and non-disparagement. It may also involve the waiver of claims and other specific provisions relevant to the individual case.

Yes, employees can negotiate certain terms of a settlement agreement. An experienced employment solicitor can assist in negotiating more favourable terms, ensuring clients receives appropriate compensation and protection.

Yes, negotiations and discussions surrounding settlement agreements are usually confidential. This is a critical aspect to encourage open dialogue and protect the parties’ interests.

There is a specific tax law which allows the first £30,000 paid as compensation for loss of employment to be tax free.  Certain elements of settlement agreement payments may be subject to taxation. We can provide an insight into the tax implications of different components of the agreement.

Breach of a settlement agreement can lead to legal consequences, including potential repayment of compensation received. An employment solicitor can guide clients on adhering to the terms to avoid such complications.

In some cases, an employee might challenge the validity of a settlement agreement if they believe they were coerced or if legal requirements weren’t met. Seeking legal advice before signing is crucial to prevent such situations.


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