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Are you a business owner looking to streamline your HR processes and ensure legal compliance? Our team of expert employment solicitors have drafted a comprehensive suite of HR policies designed to protect your business and enhance your workplace environment.
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Why Invest in Our HR Policy Suite?

  1. Expertly Crafted: Our policies are developed by experienced employment solicitors, ensuring they are legally sound and tailored to your business needs.
  2. Legal Compliance: Stay compliant with the latest UK employment laws, avoiding costly legal issues and penalties.
  3. Improved Workplace Culture: Clear, well-defined policies promote a positive and productive work environment.
  4. Risk Reduction: Minimise the risk of disputes and grievances with robust, transparent policies.

Our Complete HR Policy Suite Includes:

  1. Recruitment Policy: Streamline your hiring process with clear guidelines for recruiting the best talent.
  2. Holiday Policy: Manage employee leave efficiently with a well-structured holiday policy.
  3. Flexible & Predictable Working Policy: Support modern working arrangements for enhanced employee satisfaction.
  4. Equal Opportunities Policy: Foster an inclusive workplace with a strong commitment to equality.
  5. Drugs & Alcohol Policy: Maintain a safe and healthy work environment with clear rules on substance use.
  6. Wellbeing Policy: Promote employee health and wellbeing with supportive measures.
  7. Menopause Policy: Address the needs of employees going through menopause with sensitivity and support.
  8. Maternity & Family Friendly Policy: Provide clear guidelines for maternity, paternity, and family leave.
  9. Homeworking Policy: Manage remote working arrangements effectively.
  10. Social Media Policy: Ensure appropriate use of social media by employees.
  11. Harassment & Bullying Policy: Create a respectful workplace with zero tolerance for harassment and bullying.
  12. Performance Improvement Policy: Enhance employee performance with structured improvement plans.
  13. Absence Management Policy: Handle employee absences with clear procedures.
  14. Grievance Policy: Address employee complaints fairly and efficiently.
  15. Whistleblowing Policy: Protect whistleblowers and promote transparency.
  16. Bribery Policy: Prevent corruption with strict anti-bribery guidelines.
  17. Data Protection Policy: Comply with GDPR and protect employee data.
  18. Modern Slavery Policy: Ensure ethical practices with a strong stance against modern slavery.
  19. Disciplinary Policy: Manage employee conduct with clear disciplinary procedures.
  20. Redundancy Policy: Handle redundancies with fairness and legal compliance.
  21. Right to Work Policy: Verify employee eligibility to work in the UK.
  22. Religious & National Holiday Celebrations: Respect diverse cultural practices with inclusive holiday policies.
  23. Car Policy: Manage company car usage with clear guidelines.
  24. Computers, Email & Internet Policy: Ensure responsible use of company IT resources.
  25. Appraisal Policy: Conduct effective employee appraisals to support development.
  26. Training & Development Policy: Invest in your employees with structured training programs.

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Plus, Two Custom Employment Contract Templates:

  • Junior Employees: Secure and clear terms for entry-level positions.
  • Senior Employees: Detailed contracts for senior roles, covering all critical aspects.


“The HR policy suite has streamlined our processes and improved our workplace culture. We feel more secure and confident in our legal compliance.” – Emma L., HR Director

“Their comprehensive approach has given us peace of mind. We now have clear policies for every aspect of employment.” – David R., Managing Director

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Christopher Tobey
Christopher Tobey
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Dan P
My sincere gratitude to Solidaire Solicitors for their exceptional legal advice. I found them very helpful and knowledgeable when responding to any queries that I had. I was extremely pleased that they managed to work around my timeframes and I appreciate the patience that your firm has afforded to me. I really would not hesitate in using you again and would recommend this firm to anyone in need of expert legal opinion.
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Miro S
Solidaire Solicitors were incredibly knowledgeable about employment law and explained everything clearly in terms I could understand. They were also very responsive and always kept me updated.
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Steven Miles
Bodrul was really helpful and friendly, he was also extremely quick at messaging back and made everything very clear
great solicitor! very polite and attentive to details. would recommend 10/10
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Peter Ely
Bodrul was very professional and helpful throughout the process.
Bodrul at Solidaire was fantastic. His advice was spot on, and he helped me get the outcome I wanted. It was a stressful time for me, but knowing I had Bodrul's support and having such confidence in his knowledge, alleviated a lot of that stress. I can't recommend him and Solidaire Solicitors enough.
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Adam Cockley
Very happy with the support and advice provided by Bodrul at Solidaire. I found him professional and easy to talk to. Most importantly he met all deadlines and maintained great communication throughout. I would recommend his service.
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